Celebrate Better Hearing

No compromise in communication

The best mix of better hearing, wireless connectivity, and value for money is found in Category 3 hearing aids. Natural sound perception and speech understanding in situations with changing background noise is a priority.

The perfect choice for price-conscious people who don't want compromises in communication and connectivity.

With Saphira 3...

  • Focus on speech understanding in noise

  • Focus on easy handling and controlling

  • Focus on wireless connectivity to mobile phones, for example

Fit for any ear

The wide range of different hearing aid styles allows you, with the help of your hearing care professional, to choose the perfect solution for you.

Fit for any lifestyle

Selected Features

  • Adaptive Directionality in 2 bands

    Elimination of up to two varying noise sources. Conversations are more relaxed and as comfortable and clear as possible, even in challenging situations with more than one person. Great speech understanding and natural sound localization in all listening situations.

  • One touch volume and program control in a pair of hearing aids

    Both hearing aids can communicate and exchange information based on the changing environment or on a deliberate action such as changing the program or the volume. Binaural coordination substantially contributes to easier and more convenient handling and improved listening performance and comfort.

  • Wireless connectivity

    Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth® interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids. Or use the discreet SoundGate Mic for one-to-one communication in noisy environments to understand speech more easily. Or let the sound come directly from your TV to your hearing aids using SoundGate with the TV Adapter.

Saphira 3 Nano BTE


The Nano BTE is a very small, stylish instrument that fits comfortably behind the ear. Almost invisible when worn, the Nano BTE also offers great fitting flexibility. It can be fitted with either the Spira Flex thin tube and dome system or a standard earhook with a custom earmold.


The Spira Flex thin tube allows a discrete look when wearing the Nano BTE behind the ear. The insertion, cleaning and exchanging of the thin tube is very convenient. A soft silicone dome or a customized earpiece guarantees best wearing comfort and a perfect fit.


The Nano BTE is designed for a hassle-free and easy use in daily life. Program changes and volume controls, for example, can be made with a single push on the instrument or with a discrete remote control.

Get connected

The SoundGate enables you to connect and communicate anytime, and from anywhere. It connects you wirelessly to Bluetooth® compatible devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems, TVs and many more. Now you can be connected to your family, friends, and colleagues all of the time.

Remote Control

The remote control RC-N makes changing volume or program settings easy, particularly if you find it difficult to do on the hearing aid behind or in the ear. Combining the RC-N with your hearing aids guarantees you a first class hearing experience.

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