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DECS™ at a glance

DECS™ marks a quantum leap from adaptive to dynamic hearing aid behavior. Bernafon’s proprietary technology is based on a continuous analysis of the acoustic sound scene resulting in seamless response to active and fast-changing environments. Four hero features lead the way:


Continuous Environment Detection
analyzes the environment with high-speed and precision.

Dynamic Noise Management™
or DNM™ effectively removes noise without adversely affecting speech.

Dynamic Amplification Control™
or DAC™ continuously measures the speech to noise ratios and directs the information to Dynamic Speech Processing™.

Dynamic Speech Processing™
or DSP™ accurately amplifies the signal based on level and the dynamic environment information received from DAC™.


User benefits

DECS™ does not use hard classification boundaries. It works in frequently changing listening environments, resulting in dynamic and seamless amplification for the user at all times.

  • ... high acceptance of devices in noisy situations

  • ... less listening fatigue in noise

  • ... high comfort in noisy situations

Counseling Tool

Use this tool to demonstrate Bernafon's DECS™ technology to your clients in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Click on the image to see the animation.


Download stand-alone version


Training Tool

Use this tool to explore how the individual features of Bernafon's DECS™ technology work.

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Download stand-alone version


Instruments featuring DECS™

Zerena is the first hearing instrument family featuring DECS™ technology. Zerena’s three styles miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE 105 feature the Bernafon S-shape design, creating a perfect fit behind the ear.

  • miniRITE

  • miniRITE T

  • BTE 105

More about DECS™

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