Seamless, Boundless Hearing

The taste of high-tech hearing

Advanced features in Category 7 hearing aids deliver impressive sound quality. Sounds are amplified naturally and accurately with the focus automatically on speech in noisy environments.

The perfect choice for people who are looking for hearing aids that are easy to use, fully automatic in most situations, and provide a high level of listening comfort.

With Zerena 7...

  • Focus on optimal speech understanding

  • Focus on dynamic instrument behavior in fast-changing listening environments

  • Focus on great sound quality when listening to music

Fit for your ears

The wide range of different hearing aid styles and acoustic options allows you, with the help of your hearing care professional, to choose the perfect solution for you.

Fit for any lifestyle

Selected Features

  • DSP™

  • Binaural Noise Manager

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport

Zerena 7

miniRITE T

The miniRITE T is a small, stylish, modern receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid, suitable for mild to profound hearing losses, with a telecoil and double push button for volume and program changes. It is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and supports Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) at 2.4 GHz which allows for direct-to-ear streaming.

Tap into Teleloops

The Telecoil helps you hear better when using a telephone with a built-in loop or when you are in buildings with teleloop systems such as theatres, churches, or lecture rooms. This symbol or a similar sign is shown wherever a teleloop has been installed.

Great Sound

Thanks to the placement of the receiver in the ear canal, the miniRITE T provides excellent sound quailty in any listening environment.

Get connected

Your hearing aid is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and allows for direct communication and control with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch. A range of wireless accessories are also available to enhance the use of your hearing aid and enable you to hear and communicate better in everyday situations. Wirelessly connect to a remote control, TV, and more.

TV Adapter

With the TV-A, the sound from the TV is streamed directly to Zerena hearing aids with 2.4 GHz technology. Dolby Digital Stereo is now supported and pairing to an unlimited number of Zerena hearing instruments is fast and easy.

Explore accessories

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  • Zerena 5

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  • Saphira 3

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